resync prep fails

We found others searched for this so here is the answer.

How do I get help?

Get the Failover Log from the eyeglass job that failed 


Send this to support by opening a case and attaching the log.

Why can it fail?

Resync prep can fail for many reasons here is a list


  1. this is one step but really its 4 phases that does involve snapshot on source revert, domain mark of source, create mirror, create local target.  Many steps need the WAN to be working well and source and target cluster must be able to reach other.
  2. source and destination cluster can not reach each other over the network
  3. domain mark job has not been run and takes hours to run on the source cluster or fails on LIN failure (contact EMC support).  Review SyncIQ report and send error message on failure of resync prep to EMC support
  4. Mirror policy is not created


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