job frequency

You're search for job frequency, we will assume configuration sync.


This defaults to 5 minutes and it will scan all clusters, process all SyncIQ policies on all clusters, find changes and make the updates accordingly.


If you want to change this schedule, sometimes clusters have API errors, busy nodes etc.. extending this time is ok and will only mean changes between clusters takes longer to detect and sync.


Eyeglass has many schedules that can be tuned.


Using webshell (main menu of desktop), you can run igls cli commands to view and change schedules.


The complete schedule CLI guide is here

replication - configuration sync interval

Runbookrobot - is the default schedule to run failover and back testing

readiness - is the zone readiness computation that verifies the readiness of ALL access zones on all clusters

inventoryreport - this is the daily cluster report generation

PrintInventoryToSyslog - this is how often we dump cluster configuration to syslog each objects is a row in the log,  can be syslog forwarded to logging tools for some interesting triggers or analysis.


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