You're searching on token so you will want to read these instructions to download keys with a token.


Note tokens are 1 time use only per appliance ID.   If you are trying to redeploy an appliance with the same token please read below.


We don't recommend redeploy of an appliance for this reason as token reset is not a supported recovery procedure for an appliance, token validation must be completed by order management team before keys can be reset.  This is 9-5 EDT only response time and requires validation before this will be authorized,  if it cannot be authorized delays will be incurred while we validate the token and order.  See below to avoid any need to request this.


The operating procedure to execute a redeploy would be to use the backup/restore

This will restore the licenses to the new appliance but the version of the appliance must be the same version to use this restore function. It is not intended to upgrade to a new version.


The appliance protection options are:


The previous appliance ID in our system will be marked as unsupported now.

The transaction code must be unlocked to allow redownload to a new appliance ID.


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