Automatic Online Updates for OS patches

In order to set a daily, weekly or monthly automatic apply of patches you can follow the steps below.

Applies to:  Any version of EyeGlass (Isilon or Vblock Edition)

Future Consideration for appliance base configuration to enable as per below for monthly updates.

Procedures to add automatic support for updates and patches.

  1. install automatic updates into yast
  2. ssh as root@x.x.x.x of appliance OR if 1.1 update 1 and beyond admin@x.x.x.x of appliance and then sudo -s
  3. run the command "yast --install yast2-online-update-configuration"
  4. Then type "yast" to enter graphical interface
  5. Select "Automatic Online Update" to enter configuration menu shown below.
  6. enable it with X
  7. Set interval desired
  8. set skip interactive patches 
  9. agree with licenses
  10. Optional enable Include Recommended Patches
  11. exit menu with the ok button.
  12. Note: this enables a cron task in /etc/cron.interval name depending on the choice made.
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