Eyeglass Isilon Change Management Feature Tech Note

This Tech Note applies to:

  • Eyeglass Isilon Edition R1.1 



Change management feature is used to track changes to discovered inventory.  A change could be any of the following:

  • add - newly discovered component
  • update - change to the information stored for an existing already discovered component
  • delete - removal of a discovered component


If a change is detected, the following is stored in the database in a separate history table:

  • add - the record for the added component (same record)
  • update - the “old” “un”updated record for the changed component 
  • delete - the record for the deleted component (taken before it is deleted)

Using the history date you can determine sequence of changes to an object.


Eyeglass provides 3 ways to “see” the changes:


  1. Eyeglass GUI “Historic Data” window

In the Eyeglass GUI “Historic Data” window you can select whether you would like to see added, updated, deleted or any combination of add/update/delete.  When you refresh the window the list of changes is displayed in the window.


  1. Emailed Change Summary Report

A report showing summary of add/update/delete records from syncablehistory table is emailed as per configured schedule.  


  1. Emailed Critical Alarm Change Report

A report showing add/update/delete changes related to a component associated with a critical alarm.


Required Licenses

Change Management requires following licenses are loaded:

Without these licenses, the Change management reports will not be created or emailed.


Change Management Schedule


Schedule to check for changes

Eyeglass checks for changes on the Inventory schedule.  That is, each time inventory task is executed, Eyeglass will check for changes.  Any changes noted will be written to the history able in the database.


Schedule to email change report

Change management report is sent every day at midnight.  The report will contain any changes that have occurred since the last report was sent.


Schedule to email critical alarm change report

Eyeglass checks whether change management report is required for critical alarms every 30 minutes.  



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