How to replace self signed certificate on Eyeglass

The following procedure can be used to generate a new self signed certificate and apply it on the Eyeglass appliance.

Prerequisites: None

Configuration Steps:


Note: There will be an Eyeglass service interruption when performing this procedure.

  1. SSH to the Eyeglass as admin

  2. Default password is 3y3gl4ss

  3. sudo su  (to root)

  4. Default password is 3y3gl4ss

  5. systemctl stop sca

  6. systemctl stop lighttpd

  7. mv /opt/superna/sca/.secure/ssl.pem /tmp/ssl.pem.old

  8. /opt/superna/bin/ /opt/superna/sca/.secure/ssl

  9. chown sca.users /opt/superna/sca/.secure/*

  10. systemctl start sca

  11. systemctl start lighttpd

  12. Done.

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