How to reduce the number of SyncIQ report per policy for RPO reporting

1.     Open an SSH connection on any node in the cluster and log in using the "root" account.

2.     Run the following command to view the total number of reports:

find /ifs/.ifsvar/modules/tsm/sched/reports/ -name "report-[0-9]*.gc" | wc -l

Output similar to the following appears, indicating the number of reports returned from the command:


3.     Run the following command to limit a specific set of reports for an individual SyncIQ policy to 500, where <policy_name> is the name of the policy:

isi sync policies modify --policy=<policy_name> --report-max-age=4W --report-max-count=500

For example, the following command limits all reports for the local-copy policy that are older than 4 weeks or that amount to more than 500:

isi sync policies modify --policy=local-copy --report-max-age=4W --report-max-count=500

4.     Run the following command to delete any older or excess reports:

isi sync reports rotate

5.     Refresh the OneFS web administration interface.


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