How to join Active Directory Domain in Isilon OneFS

To Join the Active Directory in Isilon cluster use the following command line steps: 

1. Before adding the cluster to the domain verify the DNS setting first, make sure that the cluster is on the right DNS.


2. SSH to isilon cluster login as a root and type the following command:

isi_classic auth ads join --domain=<domain name> --user=<user name>  --password=<password>  to join the domain, should see a  successful join the domain message at the end of the command line.



3.Then type:  isi auth refresh

4. To check the status type:  isi_for_array -s isi auth status


5. type isi auth ads spn check --domain=<domain name>

    - To check there is no missing SPNs found.

6. type isi auth ads list to verify that your cluster is joined the domain and its status is online.





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