How to backup Eyeglass Database to external disk

Eyeglass backup and restore procedure is located in this article.


But many customers want to backup Eyeglass to a backup location external to the appliance.  This procedure allows customers to use eyeglass scripts to create a zip archive and then script it to store a copy external to Eyeglass.



Backup Script can use the following steps to

  1. Login to your Eyeglass appliance.

  2. Open SSH client program ( such as PuTTY).

  3. login with admin user and password with SSH client to the same IP address as your Eyeglass appliance.

  4. sudo -s (to login as root)

  5. Assuming you are in the /home/admin directory, follow the commands listed below.

  1. Command ‘cd /opt/superna/bin’

  2. Command ‘ ./’

  3. Once you run this command it outputs the archive with name and date stamp as shown above.

  4. A customer written script can run the command to create a backup and then copy this backup file to the remote file system using scp or NFS mount option.

  5. The customer supplied the script that can use the cron job to run this on a regular basis on a running Eyeglass system.

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