Eyeglass - How recover from a complete cluster loss at a site?


  • What things are needed to rebuild an entire Isilon cluster?  

    • Cluster reports document all settings on the cluster to rebuild it manually from the cluster config report.  

  • What steps are needed to use EyeGlass to restore a cluster that has been either destroyed or is no longer usable?  

    • Failover to the DR cluster is the first step, rebuild a new array from cluster report on Eyeglass would be the 2nd step, followed by SyncIQ on DR cluster to source cluster to get the data and configuration synced back (shares, exports, quotas). Since Eyeglass protected this data already on the DR cluster, replicating back after the primary cluster is rebuilt is straightforward in Eyeglass simple create the SyncIQ policies to replicate the data back to the new cluster, delete old cluster from Eyeglass, add new rebuilt cluster to eyeglass. Config data will be replicated back.  

  • Are there files on the Isilon that we need to backup outside of EyeGlass?

    • Eyeglass syncs the main configuration data that is for sharing data (and Quotas), The cluster configuration report records cluster unique data needed to rebuild the cluster (it's not for sharing data) but needed for networking, IP pools and disk management and protection setup. We have a roadmap to store config data to apply to a new cluster but will still focus on key data sharing configuration vs 100% of the cluster config that is typically unique to a cluster.

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