Install the language patch offline on eyeglass appliance

  1. You need to download the file first, copy the following url into your browser.  contact support for current link to the file

  2. The file is going to be downloaded automatically.

  3. You need to have SCP application “like WinSCP” to Transfer the file and drop it into the Eyeglass appliance.


  1. After the download is done, ssh to Eyeglass appliance.

  2. Login as root , to login as a root type sudo su.

  3. Disable all of the Eyeglass repo , to do that type zypper -mr - d  “Alias name” on the command line.

  4. To check that appliance repo has been disabled type zypper -ls .Enabled column should be No.

  5. Use zypper utility to install the locale package glibc-locale , run zypper in the same file location where the file located.  

  6. After installation is complete type the command YaST2, The YaST2 configuration utility opens.

  7. From YaST2 go to language option and click on it.

  1. Use the down arrow to highlight System.

  2. Then right arrow and down arrow to highlight Language.

  3. Use Enter key to select.  The YaST2 language window opens

  1. Search for the French language and check the box beside it and wait until installation done.

  2. Use the up and down arrow to scroll through the languages list and select the desired language.  For example, French.

  3. Enter to select.

  4. Use the Tab key to highlight Details

  5. Set :  Locale Settings for User root = ctype Only

                     Use UTF-8 Encoding (must be selected)

  1. Tab OK and exit from YaST2

  2. Tab Quit to exit to main window.

  3. To verify the change sudo to sca user and the type the locale command  

  4. The new language code will appear after type locale if it’s successfully installed .


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