Eyeglass Yast initial installation interrupted or exited before finishing



After deployment finish, you can’t access the eyeglass appliance through your browser, however, you can SSH to it. This happens due to a mistake during the deployment when you abort Yast configuration and go back to it, using the command line (yast2) in the root.



Either by executing these points below or redeploy the Eyeglass appliance.


If service lighttpd status indicates that lighttpd is not running, and service lighttpd start fails to start lighttpd, do the following:  (check using this procedure:  login as admin via ssh, sudo -s, then “service lighttpd status”, if it shows that it’s not in running state then follow steps below)


1. Check for the presence of ssl.pem and in the /opt/superna/sca/.secure/ directory.


2. If those files are not found:


   chmod 755 /studio/suse-studio-custom

   touch /etc/init.d/suse_studio_firstboot


   service lighttpd start

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