Rollback to previous release from patch (offline)


  • Eyeglass is still having issues with an installed patch and does not have access to the internet.

  • IMPORTANT: Only perform if directed by technical support.



  • Please follow these steps to roll back to a previous release:

  1. Go to main support page and use the installer interface with appliance ID to download the latest offline installer (found in the "File downloads for Offline patching" column).

  2. Use an FTP client to download the offline installer onto your Eyeglass Virtual Machine. Be sure to keep a note of the file's directory.

  3. Login to the appliance console as root.

  4. The Eyeglass service must be stopped. Enter the following command to do this:
    > service sca stop
    To confirm the service has stopped, execute the command:
    > ps aux | grep sca
    If no processes return, the service has successfully stopped.
    IMPORTANT: If the process has not stopped, do not proceed with the rollback. Please open a ticket at to request assistance.

  5. Next, we must disable the repositories. To check the status of them, type:
    > zypper lr
    If any of the repositories are enabled, enter the following commands to disable them (otherwise move onto the next step):
    > zypper mr -d eyeglass-1.2
    > zypper mr -d openSUSE_13.1_OSS
    > zypper mr -d openSUSE_13.1_Updates
    To ensure the repositories have been disabled, enter the following command again:
    > zypper lr

  6. We must now remove the current release. Enter the command:
    > zypper rm eyeglass_*
    Note: There will be warnings. These may be ignored.

  7. To complete the rollback, change directory to where the downloaded file is:
    > cd <location_of_file>
    Then, you must change the permissions of the downloaded file and finally, install it (be sure to include the file's extension):
    > chmod 755 <name_of_file>
    > ./<name_of_file>

  8. Finally, type the following command to ensure the Eyeglass service is active again:
    > service sca status


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