Does Eyeglass make changes to the cluster configuration?


  • Does Eyeglass make changes to the Isilon cluster configuration?


  • Yes, it applies the source cluster shares, exports, NFS aliases, access zones and quotas to the target cluster configuration.  No data is replicated with Eyeglass. SyncIQ is used to replicate the data between clusters.  

  • Eyeglass takes any changes that are made to the Source cluster and then replicates those changes to the Target cluster.

    • If an object exists on the source but the object doesn’t exist on the target, then the object is created on the target

    • If the object exists on both the source and the target but the source object has updated information, then the object on the target is updated

    • If the object has been deleted from the source, then the object is deleted on the target

    • What does that mean?

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