Not all the alarms that are received are shown in the Alarm window


  • User is not receiving the alarms that they see in their alarm window


The following could be related to the problem described:

  • Email alarm severity filter set too low (Eyeglass 1.3 patch 4 - future)


By default, only alarms with Severity of Critical are sent by email.  

As of Eyeglass 1.3 patch 4, you can set the severity of the alarms that are emailed:

  1. Log into Eyeglass.

  2. Click Eyeglass Main Menu.

  3. Click Notification Center.

  4. Click Configure SMTP.

  5. Set your preferred alarm severity under Alarm Severity Filter.

    • An important thing to note: whatever severity you select, it will email those alarms and more severe alarms. Example: if you set it to Major you will receive Major and Critical alarms; if you set it to Minor, you will receive Minor, Major, and Critical alarms.


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