Why is a Quota job in a pending State?


  • In the jobs view, a Quota job has a state of “pending”


  1. Quota jobs that are created based on SyncIQ autodetection are placed in a pending state.  This state prevents quota policies that are collected and shown in the Inventory tree from being applied to target clusters paths protected by SyncIQ policies.  This is a best practise due to some scenarios that result in errors when quotas are applied to a target cluster file system.  

The scenarios to apply quota policies are below:

  1. In a failover event, Quota Failover type of jobs have to be run manually AFTER the target cluster file system is writeable as a result of SyncIQ failover.  Open Jobs window and select the quota job of interest, click Select a bulk action and Run Now. You can follow the Job progress in the Running Jobs window. Job State and DR Status will be updated after the job is done.

  2. Custom jobs can replicate quota policies on a schedule for a path selected in the job, the quotas are applied successfully only when the target file system path on the target cluster already exists.  Any new quota created under the selected job path, will be detected and replicated only if the target path also exists.

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