Hostname or FQDN are used in SyncIQ policies and Eyeglass jobs are not running


  • Hostname used in SyncIQ policies and Eyeglass jobs are not running


The following could be related to the problem described:

  • Hostname or FQDN

  • DNS configuration on Eyeglass appliance


If you are using hostname for target in your SyncIQ policies, the DNS information entered during Eyeglass appliance setup must be able to resolve this host back to the cluster IP address in order for Eyeglass to perform configuration replication.  If the hostname cannot be resolved, Eyeglass will not create the associated configuration replication Job.


Validate to see if the FQDN is working

  1. Click Eyeglass Main Menu.

  2. Click Eyeglass Shell.

  3. Login with your Eyeglass credentials.

  4. To validate the FQDN, type in hostname --fqdn where prompted.

  5. To check the DNS settings, type in cat /etc/resolv.conf where prompted

  6. Proceed to ping the IP address by typing in ping <your IP address>.


Check / Update Eyeglass appliance DNS configuration

  1. Click Eyeglass Main Menu.

  2. Open the Eyeglass Shell.

  3. Login as admin and type sudo su - root.

  4. Type in yast2 to open the YaST Control Center.

  5. Use the arrow, tab, enter and function keys to navigate the menu.

  6. Navigate to Network Devices in the left window and go to Network Settings on the right.

  7. Use the right arrow key to highlight the Hostname/DNS option.

  8. Use the Tab key to navigate to the field that needs to be updated and make the required change.

  9. Then Tab to OK to complete.

  10. Support documentation is provided here:

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