Email RPO reports shows NA for all Clusters


  • Cluster data is not being shown in the email RPO


The following could be related to the problem described:

  • RPO Target has not been configured for the cluster

  • No SyncIQ Policy job reports for the reporting period

  • No SyncIQ Policy job reports at all for the cluster


RPO Documentation:

RPO target for each cluster has not been configured

  • To update the RPO value for an existing Cluster:

    1. Click Inventory View window.

    2. Right Click on the cluster you want to update and select Edit.

    1. In the Edit Isilon Cluster window that opens enter the new RPO target in minutes in the Maximum RPO Value field and then Submit to save your changes.


Check the cluster for the date range to make sure policy has job reports

  1. Log into OneFS.

  2. Click Data Protection.

  3. Click SyncIQ.

  4. Click Reports.

  5. Check your Policy Name, its Status, Start and Finish as well as the Target Host.

No data on clusters or SyncIQ policies have not been run

  • If there is no data on the cluster then the RPO reports will show NA.

  • If the SyncIQ Policies have not been run then the RPO reports will show NA.

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