Email test fails with diagnostics


  • The client’s email test fails with the diagnostics


The following could be related to the problem described:

  • Incorrect port entered

  • Incorrect authentication (user and/or password entered)

  • Incorrect TLS setting


From Notification Center for Email server, generate a test email and after the email has been sent, view the test email debug information window to assess the potential problem.

Incorrect Port

  1. Make sure that the right port is assigned

    • The ports that should be used are the ones that match your server's credentials

If the wrong port was set...

Solution: Assign the right port.

Incorrect Authentication

  1. Make sure proper authentication has been set up

    • Set Outgoing Email Server Information to match your credentials as well as your server credentials. Ensure that you  have enter the correct recipients email

If the authentication was not properly set up...

Solution: Set up the proper authentication (correct email and password).

Incorrect TLS setting

  1. Make sure that the right TLS is configured

    • TLS stands for Transport Layer Security,  it is a cryptographic protocol designed to provide communications security over a computer network. This setting needs to match the configuration of the email server. Based on how the email server is set up, TLS needs to be on or off when setting up an email.

If the TLS was not set to match the email server...

Solution: Enable or disable TLS accordingly.


Example Error outputs

TLS off

Successful email output

Invalid password/username Debug information output

Invalid host name for email server

Incorrect port

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