How to get collect Sync Errors for Support Assistance

You can find the name of the share by following below steps:

Step1: Open Jobs window

Step2: Click on Running Job

Step3: Click on the Configuration Replication Job which contains an error  (note running jobs stay in the window for 15 minutes then disappear)

Step4: Expand the tree by clicking '+' in the Job details  and find the replication section, the failed shares,exports are listed under the failed section.  Open this section

Step5: Expand the SyncIQ policy name with Red X,  You will find share name with red X next that has an error

Step6: Click on the info link located on the right side, then you will able to see the share name.  Capture this error and provide to support with share/export name and the info error text.

running Job Screenshot.JPG


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