Cluster wide reports fails to be created



  • Cluster wide report fails to be created


The following could be related to the problem described:

  • Missing Isilon Configuration Replication license

  • Error related to the creation of a cluster wide report

  • The Cluster Report Job is still running


No Isilon Configuration Replication license

  1. Login to Eyeglass.

  2. Click Managed Licenses.

  3. Make sure the Isilon Configuration Replication license Type is present:


  • If the Isilon Configuration Replication license Type is not present, please add it to your licenses.

Check for errors related to the Cluster Configuration Report Job

  1. Open Eyeglass.

  2. Click Cluster Reports and then Create New Report.

  1. Follow the report creation from the Running Jobs section of the Jobs window.  The Job Name will be Eyeglass Cluster Report, followed by a number. Job Details can be expanded by clicking on the + icons to the left of the folders.


  1. Click Alarms.

  2. Go through the alarm list for your error. A cluster wide report error should be a retrieval error similar to what is in the screenshot below, with the Source being the name of the configuration report being generated (without ‘configuration report #..’).



  • When you find your error go to the following link, search the contents of the error message with Ctrl+F, and follow the resolution steps:


Check Job info

  1. Click Jobs.

  2. From the Jobs window, click Running Jobs.

  3. See if there are any jobs running. A cluster report job should have the name of Eyeglass Cluster Report, followed by a number:


  • Wait until the jobs have completed.

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