The configuration replication  job audit fails


  • My jobs has ‘ERROR’ DR Status in DR Dashboard. I expand the job node and I found my Eyeglass Configuration Replication has Audit Status ‘AUDITFAILED’.


The following could be related to the problem described:

  • Error during Eyeglass configuration replication

  • Change occurred after configuration replication job was started


Audit fails when audit job finds configuration item where source and target are different. In Alarms window, locate the ‘Replication job audit failed’ alarm for the job. Click the Info link and open alarm details. Expand the Info node and to see where the audit has detected a difference between the source and target clusters  Example:.

- Info: Audit failed: Values for key 'xxx' do not match: source: share or export  ; target: share or export

      • key 'xxx' refers to a property of share or export where mismatch was found

- Info: Auditable source (type: 'xxx', zone: 'yyy', name: 'zzz') and target (type: 'xxx', zone: 'yyy', name: 'zzz') objects not found on source or target cluster, hence audit fails.

      • Auditable source refers to configuration item

Eyeglass Configuration Replication Error

Check that associated Replication Job was successfully run.  If not, source and destination may indeed be different. and Replication Job issue needs to be resolved.

Change occurred after Eyeglass Configuration Replication Job was started

It is possible that a change to configuration item was made via OneFS after replication Job completed and before audit task ran.  The next replication task will resolve this mismatch.

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