The Eyeglass appliance won't boot; how can it get restored?


  • Issues booting Eyeglass, a restoration is needed.


If you have an Eyeglass backup, it can be used to restore your Eyeglass instance on a new appliance.

Important!:  Eyeglass version when backup was taken must match the Eyeglass version that backup is being restored to.

    • If you don’t have the Eyeglass OVF for the version you were running, please contact us.

    • If you had phone home enabled then you may contact us and we can check which version you had.

    • If you do not know the version then you will not be able to do a restore from backup. You will need to deploy a new OVF and request new keys.

How to restore Eyeglass:

You will need an FTP client to copy the backup archive to the Eyeglass appliance (WinSCP, FileZilla etc)

  • How to use WinSCP

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