Eyeglass has deleted all shares/exports/quotas on a cluster


  • Eyeglass has deleted all the user's share/export/quota on a cluster


The following could be related to the problem described:

  • In OneFS, Zone was deleted on Source cluster


Access Zone Deleted from OneFS

Eyeglass replicates the source to the target.  What this means is that whatever the changes are that are made on the source cluster, they will be replicated onto the target cluster.

For example:

  • If an object exists on the source but the object doesn't exist on the target - it does a create

  • If an object exists on the target but has new information - it does an update

  • If the object has been deleted from the source - it is deleted on the target

If you delete an access zone on a cluster using OneFS, it will delete all associated shares/exports on that cluster.  If that cluster is the source cluster of an Eyeglass configuration replication job, as part of replicating source to target, on next configuration replication job, Eyeglass deletes the same shares/exports on the target cluster.

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