An error is seen when the Eyeglass appliance software is upgraded


  • User has upgraded their appliance software and is now receiving errors


The following could be related to the problem described:

  • Eyeglass SCA service is not running


Check whether the Eyeglass SCA service is running

  1. Secure Shell to the Eyeglass appliance.

  2. Login as admin or root user.

  3. If logged in as admin, sudo to root user by typing sudo su - root where prompted.

  4. Type service sca status to check the status of the Eyeglass SCA service.

If the response is Status Active:inactive, then the Eyeglass sca service isn’t running.


    • To start the Eyeglass SCA service, type service sca start where prompted.

Check if Eyeglass has been upgraded

  1. Log into Eyeglass.

  2. Click About Eyeglass.

  3. Click Contact Us.

  4. View Package Information.

  5. Verify that you have the upgraded version.

  6. If you don’t, retry the upgrade process.

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