The Quota settings were changed and the job was run but no change was seen on the other cluster


  • Quota has been run but no change has been seen on the other cluster


The following could be related to the problem described:

  • Error on Quota job

  • Licensing - incorrect number of licenses


Check alarms/errors

  1. Click Alarms.

  2. Are you receiving any alarms from the following list?



Check whether more Isilon clusters have been added to Eyeglass than available licenses:

  1. Log into Eyeglass.

  2. Click Eyeglass Main Menu.

  3. Click Eyeglass Shell.

  4. Use the same credentials you used to log into Eyeglass to log in.

  5. Type in the following command:

    • grep unmanaged /opt/superna/sca/logs/main.log*

Alternate log viewing

  1. Log into Eyeglass.

  2. Click Log View.

  1. Beside “Select Log” choose Eyeglass Main Log from the drop down.

  1. Click Fetch.

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