User wants to change the cluster User ID and password that Eyeglass uses


  • Change the User ID and password of the Isilon cluster in Eyeglass


Eyeglass can be updated with a new Isilon cluster username and password.  The new username / password must have been created through OneFS and configured with the correct roles as documented here:

To change username and password via Eyeglass:

  1. Log into Eyeglass.

  2. Click Inventory View.

  3. Right Click the desired cluster.

  1. Select Edit.

  2. Change the Username and Password to the desired.

  1. Select Submit.

  2. Restart the Superna Eyeglass service

ssh to the Eyeglass appliance and sudo su- to root to restart the service using the command below:

systemctl restart sca

systemctl status sca

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