The inventory window is empty


  • Eyeglass Inventory View window is empty  - it is not possible to view the clusters


The following could be related to the problem described:

  • Isilon cluster information entered incorrectly into Eyeglass

  • Incorrect Eyeglass Licensing

  • Incorrect privileges for the Isilon cluster user that Eyeglass uses to authenticate

  • Isilon cluster version not supported by Eyeglass


Check that Isilon clusters are added correctly

  • Try to re-add the clusters

    1. If you already added the cluster successfully, then you will receive the following message: Error : “Plugging could not handle request. The IP address that you have entered belows to (*Cluster Name*). This cluster is already managed by Eyeglass.

    2. If you re-added your cluster successfully, then you will receive a success message and you should see the cluster populate your inventory view.

Check Eyeglass Licenses

  • You need to have the Isilon Configuration Replication license.


Does the user provisioned for the Isilon cluster in Eyeglass have all the correct privileges?

  1. Log into OneFS.

  2. Click Access.

  3. Click Membership and Roles.

  4. Click Roles.

  5. Click View/Edit for EyeglassAdmin.

  6. Ensure that it holds the correct privileges by following the steps in the following links:

Isilon cluster replication pairs must be running supported OneFS version as documented in the System Requirements / Feature Release Compatibility matrix.

Feature Release Compatibility matrix can be found in the Quick Start Guide here:

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