User receives no data for time range when graphing RPO data from the DR dashboard



  • User does not receive their time range when they are graphing RPO data



The following could be related to the problem described:

  • RPO Report parameters may not be correctly defined

  • No SyncIQ Policy job reports


Creating an RPO Report in Eyeglass

  1. Log into Eyeglass.

  2. Click DR Dashboard.

  3. Click the checkbox to the left of Name for policy of interest.

  1. Click Generate SyncIQ Job Charts button.

  2. Click the From and To date and time in the Report Time Range Setting window.

  1. Click Launch SyncIQ Job RPO Chart button.

RPO Documentation:

Check the cluster for the data range to make sure policy has job reports

  1. Log into OneFS.

  2. Click Data Protection.

  3. Click SyncIQ.

  4. Click Reports.

  5. Check your Policy Name, its Status, Start and Finish as well as the Target Host.

  • Ensure that the date you entered when generating the graph matches the date you see on the cluster reports.

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