Licenses do not load, an error message appears


  • Licenses are not being loaded, error message pops up


The following could be related to the problem described:

  • Expired licenses

  • License upload errors


Licenses have expired

  1. Click Managed Licenses.

Find the licenses that have expired. If expired licenses are found then this is the reason licenses are unable to be loaded.


  • Trial licenses that have expired.

  • Contact if additional trial license is required.

  • Eyeglass server time not aligned with time license that was generated.

  • For a trial license, you can run into trouble if the Eyeglass server time is not aligned with time that license was generated. For example if the Eyeglass server is in the past, the license won't load.


License Errors


  • Use the License error message to troubleshoot the reason why the license won’t load.

  • xxxx.lic is not of supported license type

  • This error message appears, as shown in the screenshot, when license files are being uploaded individually. License files are to be uploaded all at once in their respective zip file.

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