A SyncIQ  configuration policy job failed to replicate All



  • In OneFS, shares (SMB) or exports on the target are not seen

  • Eyeglass Configuration Replication Jobs don’t run

  • Eyeglass Configuration Replication Jobs have an error


The following could be related to the problem described:

  • Configuration Replication Job error

  • Initial state set for all Configuration Replication Jobs is User Disabled

  • Licensing

  • Eyeglass Replication Task is disabled

  • Password for eyeglass service account has expired


Check Eyeglass Configuration Replication Job Status for a SyncIQ policy

  1. Open Eyeglass.

  2. Click Jobs.

  3. Check State.

If all States are OK - that is correct for running Jobs.

If State is ERROR:

  • Solution:

  1. Click Alarms.

  2. Find your error.

  1. You will also receive an email and a Twitter alarm giving your more detail about the alarm code.

  2. Proceed to the following link and resolve your error by using Ctrl+F and searching for the Message present in the Alarms window:



If Status are Policy Disabled or User Disabled, this State prevents Jobs from running:

  • Solution:

To enable Policy Disabled job:


  1. Open OneFS.

  2. Click Data Protection.

  3. Click SyncIQ.

  4. Click Policies.

  5. Select any jobs that are Disabled.

  6. Select “Select bulk action” → Enable.

To enable User Disabled Eyeglass Configuration Replication Job:


  1. Open Eyeglass.

  2. Click Jobs.

  3. Select the disabled job(s) - it will have a User Disabled state; see screenshot for an example:

      4.   Select “Select a bulk action”.

      5.   Enable the job by selecting Enable/Disable.


Check (1.3 patch 1)the initial state set for Configuration Replication Jobs

Check (1.3 patch 1)the state of the Eyeglass Replication Task

Check Manage licenses

  1. Open Eyeglass.

  2. Click Manage Licenses.

  3. Make sure Isilon Configuration Replication license Type is present.

  • If Isilon Configuration Replication is not present, please add it to your licenses.


Password for eyeglass service account has expired

If you have used the eyeglass service account when adding the clusters in Eyeglass, check whether the “Password Can Expire” setting for the eyeglass service account is set to “Yes”.  When the password expires even though the networking between the Eyeglass appliance and the Isilon clusters is setup and connectivity can be verified with ping, Eyeglass cannot connect to the Clusters due to authentication errors and considers them to be unreachable.  One way to check this is to try and login to the OneFS GUI using the eyeglass service account and password.  If you cannot login to the OneFS GUI then Eyeglass will also not be able to login.


To resolve this issue, login to the OneFS GUI and enter a new password for the eyeglass service account.

If it is appropriate for your business environment, you may also change the setting for “Password Can Expire” to “No”.


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