Isilon upgrade

If you are upgrading Isilon you should check Onefs and Eyeglass release notes that show tested versions:


If upgraded a cluster from 7.2 to 8.x you need to follow these instructions after the cluster upgrade for Eyeglass to reconnect.


If you are upgrade to a new minor version upgrade on Isilon review this 

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    Pedro Henrique De Souza Pontes

    Hello superna team!

    Today we have two isilon cluster with version of onefs orchestrated by superna eyeglass 2.5.3.

    We want to upgrade the version of onefs to version 8.1.2, but we would like to first upgrade the target cluster, validate the operation and 20 days later update the source cluster.

    Does superna eyeglass allow us to work with different versions of onefs? and 8.1.2


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    Superna Support

    Yes. Both versions are supported by Eyeglass.


    To get upgrade instruction and if you require assistance during upgrade, please open a ticket with our support team
    [ How to open a support ticket with Eyeglass - follow this LINK ( ]

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